Forget Frost, Think Farmer’s Market

We’ve had snow and frost and we’re all enjoying dreading the end of summer. And it’s Friday and the leaves are turning colour and life is golden here in north central Alberta.

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As you slip quietly into your weekend, relaxing from the days behind while preparing for the week ahead, I encourage you to head to your local farmer’s market. That hard frost has meant that many local producers scrambled to get the harvest in rather than lose their gardens altogether. It’s hard enough to eat locally as it is, but with farmers pulling veg off the vines early this year, it won’t be available as long either. They won’t have the economic assistance of a lovely long harvest. They’ve got a pile of stuff to take to market now.

With the early harvest, growers need our support.

We are the fortunate ones in all this. Take a date, walk hand in hand through the market, enjoying the scents and atmosphere. Bring a friend, grab some tempting baking from one of the market stalls and a coffee before copping a squat in a nearby green space and catch up on the week. Fill your baskets and bags and head home to preserve and pickle and prepare a Sunday dinner bursting with your bounty.

To find your local market, you could download the Alberta Farmer’s Market Association app from your app store or go to their website here.

Enjoy your beautiful weekend.