I ❤ Edmonton Winters

Inspiration can strike in the most unlikely of places. It all began by convincing myself to attend a networking event for entrepreneurs. I like meeting new people but prefer one-on-one and find jumping into a group rather awkward. Lucky me! I won a door prize! To another networking event.

The City of Edmonton hosted the Winter Cities Shake Up! conference over the last three days, coming together with other winter cities from across the globe to discuss life in four seasons. People came to our city from Norway, Iceland, the UK, China and more. I met people, I cross-country skied, and I was inspired.

Look for many more posts about how fabulous winter can be now that I’ve rekindled my romance with the season. Just in time for Valentine’s!

Winter 2

Maybe you’ll find those posts on the new blog! I’m still in the design process, but look for the new site coming soon!