Counting On Christmas Traditions

We took the scenic route home from a holiday supper last night.

It was one of the greatest pleasures of my own young life to see the city lit up with holiday displays and Christmas lights. My husband and I sat smiling and quietly chuckling as our own young ones ooh-ed and aah-ed through the suburbs, as they craned to see the lights of the Muttart Conservatory. They spotted the Christmas trees on the Telus tower that have been shining up there since I was a kid. I zigged through downtown to zag onto Candy Cane Lane, where their wonder only ended as my youngest said “I very tired mommy.”

Candy Cane Lane on Flickr

Thank you to everyone who lights up their home for Christmas. I’m so glad I can count on these holiday traditions to delight through the generations.  Thank you to so many who also provide the opportunity to donate to our local charities. 

You always make my Christmas.

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